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We offer a full spectrum of fully integrated R&D services. From providing performance optimisation solutions that resolve tactical or technical issues needing immediate attention, to developing long term programmes.

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Tel:   0114 236 5432
We can work alongside a small engineering company at the same time as providing outsourced R&D to a large multi-national corporation, helping each to solve their specific problems. We can also be part of or lead a collaborative team delivering an R&D program linked to a strategic grant.
The PES team specialise in ‘cross pollinating’ technologies from other sectors or developing and applying existing or new solutions. We use this approach to develop new products or to optimise existing concepts to function and compete in a modern environment.
Defining performance can be measured in many ways by different people. The team at PES simply use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients take their concept of product to the next level.
◊ Material change.
◊ Simplify or reducing operations to improve manufacturing efficiency.
◊ Design optimisation.
◊ Reducing cost and or time.
◊ Increased product sustainability.
◊ Reduce carbon omissions.
◊ Identifying and securing IP
Many organisations outsource their R&D because they are generally not geared to deliver and optimise solutions. PES will work with our clients as a full R&D solution, work with the existing teams to enhance their capability or act as an SME partner on Research projects. We will are very happy to be seen to represent and ‘front up’ your organisation and brand as your design team to ensure a seamless process with your clients.
Through our optimisation and product development services we can offer but not limited to:
◊ Composites & Textiles
◊ Additive layer prototype and manufacture
◊ Process Engineering
◊ Mechanical Engineering & Design
◊ Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
◊ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
◊ Acoustics & Vibration
◊ Coatings Technology
Please review the services we provide or contact us for a chat or drop is an e-mail. We can deliver your research or development requirement or act as a partner in a collaborative project. We will consider any projects, large or small.

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