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The ROAM (Rapid Oil Analysis Monitor) tester is the world’s most advanced portable oil testing kit, and enables accurate condition sample tests of any oil anywhere in seconds.

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From a small sample, advanced technology provides an instant readout of the oils’ precise condition. The ROAM tester is an invaluable field or garage service and maintenance tool that helps to ensure your equipment operates reliably and efficiently. The ROAM tester will quickly provide a return on your investment through extended service, reduced equipment downtime and prevent the loss of key assets.
The ROAM tester offers
◊ Proven Technology – A patented methodology that has been delivering value to customers for over 10 years
◊ Extremely Sensitive – Over 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination than other sensor technology, giving you the most accurate and detailed data available in real-time
◊ Robust and Reliable – Designed and built to withstand the harshest of industrial environments. Resistant to impacts, high temperatures, shocks and vibrations
◊ Independently Tested – Rigorously tested by independent bodies to verify the outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications
◊ Fully Certified – Fully certified to international standards to work in the majority of commercial and industrial environments.


◊ Reduce costly break downs
◊ Reduce service costs by extending intervals
◊ Maximise service team efficiency
◊ Identify potential issues before they arise
◊ Cost effective
◊ Increased peace of mind
◊ Quick and easy
◊ Tests any oil
◊ Designed for use in the field
◊ Instant diagnosis of potential issues
◊ Minimise time consuming external lab tests
◊ Take a small sample of oil using one of the bottles
◊ Connect sensor to a PC running the monitoring software & select oil type
◊ Screw sensor to the sample bottle & turn upside down so oil covers the sensor node.
◊ The oil condition statement is provided on the PC in a clear, easy to understand format
At the heart of the ROAM tester is patented oil condition sensor technology which provides an immediate and accurate view of the oil’s current condition. Immediately upon contact with the target oil the sensor measures multiple independent elements of the oil, which are then compared and processed to provide an exceptionally accurate statement of oil condition. This accuracy and integrity is the hallmark of the ROAM tester.

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