Our client, Runflat CBR, aims to revolutionise runflat tyre technology and is expanding as they prepare for growth.

PES Performance engineers have helped Richard Lust and the Runflat CBR team to develop an insert that can be fitted into an ordinary wheel, and which maintains good drivability – the ability to steer, accelerate and brake efficiently – even if all four tyres suffer a blowout.

Beginning from a clean sheet, we worked with Richard to create an end-user ‘wishlist’, which incorporated more than 30 design and engineering challenges including to:

◊ Deliver world-beating performance for runflat tyre technology
◊ Deliver distance and speed performance well in excess of those currently available
◊ Develop an effective and lightweight anti-friction concept for longer runflat distances
◊ Incorporate a new ‘cantilever’ construction concept for lighter weight without compromising performance
◊ Develop the ability to absorb or deflect ballistic attack
◊ Ensure fitting can be carried out in less than 15 minutes
◊ Create a design concept to suit different wheel sizes so reducing manufacturing lead time
◊ Create a flexible product range so variations can be economically produced to fulfil special requirements of end-users.

Runflat CBR outgrew their original base in the AMP Technology Centre and have now taken a larger unit on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), ahead of the planned mass-manufacture of their products from the end of the year.

Richard, an engineer with nearly 30 years’ experience designing ‘runflats’, said: “We have now patented our revolutionary technology and are looking forward to sharing it with users across the globe from our new facility.”

See article in the Sheffield Star here.

See the Runflat video below;