PES design engineers have experience from working on projects across many areas of the medical sector.

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The team has delivered medical projects from bespoke operating equipment to support surgeons in orthopaedics, design and development of prosthetic limbs and knee joints, by applying Formula One technology, MRI scanner bed design to robotic prosthetic arms with multiple joints and built in vibration sensors.
We operate under strict Nondisclosure agreements (NDA) with our medical clients to safeguard the integrity of the project and protect any IP developed for the client.
Some of the services we offer to the medical and healthcare sectors include;Design assistance and consultancy
◊ Design optimisation and development
◊ Product development
◊ Design for manufacture
◊ 2D & 3D drawings
◊ Manufacturing drawing
◊ Reverse engineering
◊ Surfacing
◊ 3D optical blue light scanning
◊ Pre and post manufacture inspection
These are only a few of the services we provide. If you would like to talk to any of our team to discuss you project or any challenges then please call or contact us.

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