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PES’ core skills were developed in both the Formula 1 motorsport environment, and also in Elite sports.

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Tel:   0114 236 5432
The team has worked with many athletes across multiple sporting environments and the PES design team understand very well that it is not about just designing a high performance piece of sporting equipment. It is about designing that equipment to the capabilities of the athlete and that the equipment will have to evolve as the athlete evolves.
We have worked in Olympic summer and winter sports, cycling and yacht racing in the Americas cup to name a few. Currently the team is working on Golf club solutions, Sports simulation, lightweight performance racing cycles, wheel design optimisation and horse riding and other sport associated equipment.
Performance improvement at elite level is about understanding the’ sum of all parts’. That includes understanding that designs should deliver small repeatable gains in many different areas to deliver an overall winning solution. Performance at this level of sport is measured in 100ths of a second and microns. The team also has to work closely with and understand the athlete and support them so as to deliver the optimum performance package.
We also have access to some of the most successful performance and sports coaches to ensure that the engineering design is only part of the overall deliverable.
PES utilises this skill when developing performance solutions, project or commercial premium sports products and that, combined with our knowledge of design, materials , manufacture, and the understanding that in the volume sport product market there has to be a fine balance between performance and user interface.
One of our key skills is in composite design and this is in great demand as composites become more popular, however there are very few who truly understand how to maximise the opportunities that composites can deliver. For more information, please read our engineering materials article.

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