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PES offers Design Engineering services, with our design team having extensive knowledge and engineering pedigree, developed over years of experience working within high performance sectors including F1, automotive, aerospace, medical, Olympic sports and heavy engineering.

From our office based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Sheffield, we provide our clients with workable, performance optimised design engineering solutions, based on the knowledge and experience that we bring to any complex or simple design challenge.
The tools of design are key elements, and it is the effective use of these tools that is crucial to a project’s success.
Our team are focused on providing a level of personalised service to deliver innovative design solutions to engineering problems, from simple engineering tasks to large complex engineering projects.
As with our F1 ethos of, first time and on time, the PES team works with clients to provide a cost-effective, professional and reliable service, which involves understanding our clients’ needs, including budget, project timescales and deadlines.
We consider all projects regardless of size or complexity and 70% of our clients are internationally based. Whether you need a quick turnaround, simple tooling or modelling job, or complex design engineering projects. We are able to deliver you a solution.
Please contact us to discuss your design & engineering project in greater detail and we can advise on the options available, including the potential inclusion of rapid prototyping and rapid manufacture techniques to optimise the design process.
The services we provide include:

3D CAD Modelling

We can use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create and digitise your designs into a 3D format and turn your new idea into a realistic, dimensionally accurate model.

Design for Composites

Composites is an area in which we excel. Where composites have been applied to a project without the requisite knowledge & experience, costly mistakes can result.

Product Design

Our team can support your product design or concept from an idea through to a commercially valuable product; providing companies of all sizes with the expertise to develop world-class products.

Aerodynamic Design

Our pedigree is firmly embedded in high performance environments where aerodynamic design is a key factor in optimising performance.

Design for Manufacturing

This is the process of designing or engineering a product to facilitate the efficient and practical manufacturing process in order to reduce time, cost and complexity.

Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures Design

Tooling, jigs and fixtures design in manufacturing is often crucial, providing creative and innovative approaches, whilst ensuring the solution is as robust and simple as possible

Concept Design

We are about new concept design and optimisation, using our breadth of engineering knowledge and experience, operating in high performance technologies in multiple sectors.

Design for Plastic Injection Moulding

It is crucial when designing products that consideration is given on how they will be formed, removal from the mould, their structural properties and amount of material used in the product.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

We are experienced in utilising additive manufacturing within design as a material and also as a solution in other engineering design projects.

Engineering Design

Our engineering designers deliver innovative design solutions to engineering problems, giving commitment to both simple engineering and large complex engineering projects.

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