The PES team has a level of aerodynamic design expertise that few companies can match.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Whilst many will offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as a one off solution, our team can offer not only CFD simulation we can also deliver real time wind tunnel testing support and optimisation utilising our F1 network.
The PES team’s pedigree is firmly embedded in high performance and extreme environments where Aerodynamic design is a key factor in optimising performance, from Formula 1, MotoGP, Olympic Sport, Aerospace and Maritime, we can deliver the performance efficiency you require.
Aerodynamics is a common application and one of PES teams core areas of expertise. CFD allows the steady-state and transient aerodynamics of HVAC systems, vehicles, aircraft, buildings, structures, wings and rotors to be computed with extremely high levels of accuracy.
System properties such as mass flow rates and pressure drops and fluid dynamic forces such as lift, drag and pitching moment can be readily calculated in addition to the wake effects. This data can be used directly for design purposes or as in input to a detailed stress analysis.
CFD simulation offers the ability to conduct comprehensive, automated, multi-point optimisation of designs. This process allows engineers to automatically optimise a design to a given set of performance parameters and can be used to minimise drag, or maximise mass flow or lift forces to given targets.
PES provides analyses ranging from simple wind load estimations to comprehensive design and optimisation of aeronautical, sports equipment or automotive vehicle geometries.
Typical CFD Simulations include:
◊ Building & Structure Wind Loading
◊ Vortex Shedding
◊ External Aerodynamics of Vehicles
◊ Fan, Wing and Rotor Design
◊ HVAC Applications
◊ Airborne Particle Transport
Wind Tunnels
Through our relationships in F1 we can provide a Wind Tunnel solution that can be used in isolation or to compliment CFD simulation data. We can test scaled models or full models to obtain data that is critical for our clients to assess the aerodynamic performance to optimise their vehicle, model or equipment.
We provide full support to validate and complement computer-based analysis or to investigate physically complex flows with a speed and reliability which is beyond even the most powerful of today’s computer based simulation capabilities.
Our testing can also include a rolling road to deliver real time results for all ground performance vehicles.
We offer a wide range of solutions, such as measuring drag performance to build greener, more economic options or were human interaction is crucial as part of the aerodynamic performance
By testing with us, our clients receive the highest quality service:
◊ Excellent quality data acquisition
◊ Cost effective testing achieved through high speed data acquisition and rapid, yet superbly finished, model changes
◊ State of the art data acquisition and measuring techniques
◊ Comprehensively validated data reduction capability
◊ A turnkey service offering all aspects of model design, construction, integration and test, complemented by CFD.
◊ Human dynamics and interaction
◊ Rolling road solutions for land vehicles

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